About Us 

EL Lotus company is determined to be the largest and the most professional fertilizer and pesticide import & export company. Our goal is to supply more efficient and high quality agricultural and chemical products with very competitive prices.

We, at EL Lotus , exert all our efforts to shape the future of agriculture, create value for our customers and the society, and build a better life for the farmers of the world. EL Lotus is a team full of vigor and vitality.

We advocate earning a bright future through hard work and effort. Not only do we encourage self-study but also thorough team-work, we aim to not only learn from our success but also from our failures as well. We demand all our staff to be greater, faster and stronger.

EL Lotus encourages its staff to improve itself through work and study, thereby overpass the limit of old mindsets through sharing knowledge and working together.




Professionalism is an important precondition and reliable guarantee for us to complete all tasks and meet the needs of our clients.


Young and capable, our company staff is able to provide clients with high-efficiency and high-quality service at the client's request.


We’d like to share value with our clients, happiness with our friends, and success with our families.


Our company staff provides bright services for our clients. At the same time, the staff receives tremendous care from the company and feel the warmth a family under the sun.