NOMENCLATURE Common name quinclorac (BSI, draft E-ISO, (m) draft F-ISO) IUPAC name 3,7-dichloroquinoline-8-carboxylic acid Chemical Abstracts name 3,7-dichloro-8-quinolinecarboxylic acid CAS RN [84087-01-4] EEC no. 402-780-1


Rapidly absorbed through the foliage. Weak auxin activity as determined in wheat coleoptile elongation test, cucumber root elongation test, cucumber curvature test and ethylene biosynthesis test in soya beans. No influence on Hill reaction. Plant response is similar to IAA or auxin-type herbicides of the class of benzoic acids and pyridine compounds.


Pre- and post-emergence control of grass weeds (Echinochloa spp., Aeschynomene spp., Sesbania spp.) and other weeds in direct-seeded and transplanted rice, at 0.25-0.75 kg a.i./ha.

Production formulation

Quinclorac 25%SC
Quinclorac 50%SC
Quinclorac 50%WP