Insecticide - Deltamethrin

NOMENCLATURE Common name diafenthiuron (BSI, draft E-ISO) IUPAC name 1-tert-butyl-3-(2,6-di-isopropyl-4-phenoxyphenyl)thiourea Chemical Abstracts name N-[2,6-bis(1-methylethyl)-4-phenoxyphenyl]-N'-(1,1-dimethylethyl)thiourea CAS RN [80060-09-9]

Insecticide and acaricide which kills larvae, nymphs and adults by contact and/or stomach action; also shows some ovicidal action. See J. Drabek et al. (Recent Adv. Chem. Insect Control II, 1990, p. 170).


Insecticide and acaricide effective against phytophagous mites (Tetranychidae, Tarsonemidae), Aleyrodidae, Aphididae and Jassidae on cotton, various field and fruit crops, ornamentals and vegetables. Also controls some leaf-feeding pests in cole crops (Plutella xylostella), soya beans (Anticarsia gemmatalis) and cotton (Alabama argillacea). Applied at 300-500 g/ha. Is safe on adults of all beneficial groups (Anthocoridae, Coccinellidae, Miridae) and on adults and immature stages of predatory mites (Amblyseius andersoni,Typhlodromus pyri), spiders (Erigonidae, Lycosidae), and Chrysopa carnea. Non-selective to immature stages of Heteroptera (Anthocoridae, Miridae). Compatible with the biological control of Aleyrodidae and mites in glasshouses.

Production formulation

Diafenthiuron 98%TC
Diafenthiuron 95%TC
Diafenthiuron 50%SC
Diafenthiuron 25%SC