Insecticide - Diazinon

NOMENCLATURE Common name diazinon IUPAC name O,O-diethyl O-2-isopropyl-6-methylpyrimidin-4-yl phosphorothioate Chemical Abstracts name O,O-diethyl O-[6-methyl-2-(1-methylethyl)-4-pyrimidinyl] phosphorothioate CAS RN [333-41-5] EEC no. 206-373-8

Non-systemic insecticide and acaricide with contact, stomach, and respiratory action.


Control of sucking and chewing insects and mites on a very wide range of crops, including deciduous fruit trees, citrus fruit, vines, olives, bananas, pineapples, vegetables, potatoes, beet, sugar cane, coffee, cocoa, tea, tobacco, maize, sorghum, alfalfa, flax, cotton, rice, ornamentals, glasshouse crops, forestry, etc., at 300-600 g/ha; soil insects (by soil application); phorid and sciarid flies in mushroom cultivation; flies, lice, mites, fleas, cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, and other insect pests in animal houses and household use. Seed treatment for maize, for control of frit flies and also conferring bird-repellent properties. Also used as a veterinary ectoparasiticide.

Production formulation

Diazinon 95%TC
Diazinon 10%G
Diazinon 50%EC
Diazinon 60%EC
Diazinon 60%EW