Insecticide - Dicofol

NOMENCLATURE: Common name Dicofol IUPAC name 2,2,2-trichloro-1,1-bis(4-chlorophenyl)ethanol Chemical Abstracts name 4-chloro-α-(4-chlorophenyl)-α-(trichloromethyl)benzenemethanol CAS RN [115-32-2] EEC no. 204-082-0

Non-systemic acaricide with contact action.


Non-systemic acaricide with little insecticidal activity, recommended (at 0.50-2.0 kg a.i./ha) for control of many species of phytophagous mite (including Panonychus, Phyllocoptruta, Tetranychus, and Brevipalpus spp.) on a wide range of crops, including fruit, vines, ornamentals, vegetables, and field crops.

Production formulation

Dicofol 80%TC
Dicofol 20%EC
Dicofol 36%EC
Dicofol 46%EC
Dicofol 48%EC