Insecticide - Pirimiphos-methyl

NOMENCLATURE Common name pirimiphos-methyl IUPAC name O-2-diethylamino-6-methylpyrimidin-4-yl O,O-dimethyl phosphorothioate Chemical Abstracts name O-[2-(diethylamino)-6-methyl-4-pyrimidinyl] O,O-dimethyl phosphorothioate CAS RN [29232-93-7]


Broad-spectrum insecticide and acaricide with contact and respiratory action. Penetrates the leaf tissue and exhibits translaminar action.


Control of a wide range of insects and mites in warehouses, stored grain, animal houses, domestic and industrial premises; chewing insects, sucking insects, boring insects, and mites on vegetables, ornamentals, bulb flowers, sugar cane, maize, sorghum, rice, citrus and other fruit, olives, vines, alfalfa, cereals, etc.; and glasshouse pests (especially whitefly, thrips, mealybugs, aphids, and mites) on tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, aubergines, and other glasshouse crops.

Production formulation

Pirimiphos-methyl 90%TC
Pirimiphos-methyl 50%EC
Pirimiphos-methyl 55%EC