Research and Development 

EL Lotus has its own R & D center covering an expanding area at the Free Zone in Seuz Governorate Egypt, and the other in suez Governorate out of free zone Presently the Center is divided into two parts, R & D Center of Formulation and Center of Quality Control, for Developing Pesticide Formulations and inspecting the quality of pesticide Respectively.

Besides developing new insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, etc EL lotus is committed to developing its R&D Center into a first-class national laboratory. R & D center of Formulation is equipped with stable small scale or pilot scale instruments of high quality such as jet mill, squeezing granulator, stirrer, high speed multifunctional disintegrator, lab high-shearing emulsifier, vibrating sieving machine, single-punch tablet press, etc.

With proficient production process and advanced manufacture techniques, the center mainly does researches on the leading pesticide preparations nowadays such as emulsifiable.