Special Products - Nitard fer E.D.D.H.A fer




6% Fe

Chelated agent


  • Used for the treatment of iron deficiency effectively

  • Contains the ratio of the Fe element, which works to protect plants from iron deficiency and treatment in case of severe shortage

  • Compound containing an element of EDDHA which high-quality chelation and excretion Fe element on an ongoing basis and affordable to make up for the needs of the plant down.

  • A chelating element in this picture is easily absorbed iron and permeates the epidermis and stomata in a short time

  • The product completely soluble in water and is one of the most suitable vehicles that address the lack of iron in alkaline and calcareous soil and in all circumstances, stress


Use for all vegetable and fruit trees in dose (500: 1000 g/ Fadden), [1g/ 1 liter].

It is recommended to:

Preferable spray in the evening or in cloudy weather

Repeat the treatment after 6 or 7 days if necessary

Always keep the product in its original packaging and close it well after use

Keep foliage fertilizer out of reach of children

Can be mixed with all other fertilizer and pesticide

Characteristics and Usage

Trusphon increase sucrose content in the sugarcan 

Trusphon Accelerate opening of mature, unopened cotton bolls.

Trusphon Improved color development and enhancement of maturity of appels 

Trusphon Enhancement of maturity early cultivars in peaches.