Special Products - Trusphon

Mode of Action
Trusphon is a plant growth regulator with systemic properties.

Trusphon penetrates into tissues and is translocated. Trusphon decomposes to ethylene which is the active metabolite.


Trusphon  is a plant growth regulator.

Trusphon is used to promote pre-harvest ripening of top fruit, soft fruit, tomatoes, sugar beet, fodder beet, coffee and many other products.

Trusphon is also used to facilitate the harvest of fruit and berry crops (by loosening the fruit) and to accelerate post-harvest ripening (e.g. bananas).

Trusphon  stimulates latex flow in rubber trees, hastens the maturing of tobacco and prevents lodging in cereals, maize and flax.

Characteristics and Usage

Trusphon increase sucrose content in the sugarcan 

Trusphon Accelerate opening of mature, unopened cotton bolls.

Trusphon Improved color development and enhancement of maturity of appels 

Trusphon Enhancement of maturity early cultivars in peaches.